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Art of Chess - Mirror

Art of Chess - Mirror

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Chess Mirror has a spectacular design with a thin layer of mirrored acrylic on the surface of the board, providing a stunning reflection. The pieces and board are made of wood, while the box is made of high-quality art paper. The box opens like a book and fits perfectly with your decorative books on a bookcase or coffee table. The cover is printed with a checkered silver foil, imitating the mirror effect.

Immerse yourself in the world of our Coffee Table Games , classic board games, spectacularly designed to elevate your spaces. To play or decorate, it is a guaranteed success.


  • Material: 60% FSC certified, acid-free paper, 20% wood, 20% acrylic
  • Height: 28cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Depth: 4.5cm
  • Weight: 1 kilogram
  • Color: Beige/Silver
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