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Battleship - Vintage Bookshelf Edition

Battleship - Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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Immerse yourself in the world of our Coffee Table Games. Classic games, perfectly designed to decorate any space.

  • Play and display
  • Live with your people
  • A very fun gift

Discover our Vintage Bookshelf Collection, an edition that captures the heritage of the world's most beloved games, redesigning them in the most elegant, exclusive and creative way. Goodbye to the games drawer! Get ready for them to become the main decoration on your bookshelf...

Battleship has been the quintessential naval action game since 1967, requiring a combination of strategy and luck to ultimately succeed. The strategy begins with clandestinely placing your ships on the network... making it as difficult as possible for your opponent to find them. Then the missiles start flying! Each player alternates firing, until one finally and sadly declares, "You sunk my fleet!"

This Vintage Bookshelf Edition is a tribute to the original 1967 game, complete with the iconic red and blue boxes, translucent ocean grids, ships, and pegs.


  • Cloth-wrapped book with built-in storage.
  • 2 folding battle cases
  • 10 plastic boats
  • Red "slam" pegs
  • White "miss" pegs
  • Instructions


    AGES 7+

    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 10.59" x 8.33" x 3.43"

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